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After 6 years of running Mind Matters, it’s time for me to close the doors. As most of you know, I run several businesses and therapy and coaching has been at the forefront of everything and I absolutely adore my clients.

However, I owe my gorgeous family more flexibility, and more me time. Ladies Life Lounge, where I can work with more people is my priority focus and I’m spread too thinly, with too many commitments.

Mind Matters as a practice is wildly successful – I could work full time and not keep up with demand which is an incredible position to be in as a business. It has been the HARDEST decision to come to, but closing is the only way I can move forwards, and grow myself.

Ladies – I’ll still be offering coaching in a completely different way so you can come and hang out with me in Ladies Life Lounge – the FREE community for women who want more!

I’m SO grateful for every single person who has allowed me to share in their lives. It’s been incredible and a complete privilege.

All my love,
Rox xxx