Hi there,

I’m Roxanne Rhodes and I’m a psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and coach with a private practice in Clowne, Derbyshire.

This blog is an article I write monthly for a local magazine- there’s a link at the bottom to the mag!  For more helpful hints, tips & advice sign up to my newsletter here, or to see how you could work with me contact me here.

Summer is coming!!  Well, technically and with any luck anyway.  It conjures up images of beaches & barbecues, splashing & ice cream for me.  And although I’m now perfectly content to bare my legs and let my mum-tum hang out, lots of us are not.  Some people dislike how they look, others are concerned about how other people judge them.  Too large, too thin, too tall, too short, too saggy (I’ve never heard too firm!!) – there are a heap of reasons that both men & women have body hang-ups.  Often when I’m talking to clients I question around why they care what others think?  Who do they want to impress?  If they weren’t worried about what others think would they actually worry about it themselves?

The thing is so much of how we perceive things isn’t how others see it.  I know that any of you that know me will have scoffed when I said I have a mum-tum, as I look perfectly slim.  But I have – and if I’m having a rough day I might moan about it – but mostly I can live with it.  Because it’s just in our mind.  Issues around confidence & self-acceptance are things that I work with a lot.  I see gorgeous clients with body dysmorphic disorder who genuinely believe they are completely unattractive, amazing clients who have been conditioned to believe negative thoughts about themselves and are stuck in this pattern and remarkable clients who just genuinely want to lose a few pounds but struggle with motivation.  Changing your mindset about yourself is a big step.  Listen to the way you speak to yourself.  Would you talk to your best friend that way?  No?  Then why is it ok to say these things to yourself?  Try some encouraging self-talk, and back yourself up.  What we focus on is often what we get, so focus on the positives.

If you feel that you have any issues with confidence, self-acceptance, eating disorders or weight control that you would like to address then as always feel free to get in touch with me here.

See you next month.


First printing in the Chesterfield 1st Magazine