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I’m Roxanne Rhodes and I’m a psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and coach with a private practice in Clowne, Derbyshire.

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I’m absolutely thrilled to be writing a column for 1st Mags! Huge congratulations to Paula and Kay as they were recently finalists in the “Business of the Year” category at the Elastic FM Community awards. I was overwhelmed and thrilled to be a joint winner in ‘New Business of the Year’ category, and very cheekily asked if I could write for you all. So let’s get to it!

Hypnotherapy is, in its most basic sense, a focused state of attention, often referred to as a trance state. This is a perfectly natural state and we go in and out of trance all of the time. How many times have you driven somewhere and not really remembered the journey? Stared at the same page in a book for 10 minutes as your mind wanders? Yep, autopilot – or trance state. Children are especially good at this. I can call to my toddler Charley six times while he’s watching Postman Pat with no response. I can wave my hand in front of his face and he doesn’t even blink. But rustle a packet of Quavers and he snaps to attention! So a trance state is a very common and normal part of life.

Now, you’re wondering when I’m going to make you bark like a dog, or dance the funky chicken aren’t you? Hypnotherapy is often thought to be similar to stage hypnotism. IT’S NOT!! I promise that while you’re safely relaxed in the big armchair in my office I’m not planning on making you do star jumps when a bell rings (unless you’re coming for weight loss hypnotherapy perhaps!! ) Hypnotherapy is always for your own good. Therapy in general is designed to help you move forwards in life, however we have those evil mind monkeys in our brains that yell “you can’t do this”, “you’re not clever enough”, “you’ll never be confident enough”, “your mum and grandma were both depressed so you will always be”. The beauty of hypnotherapy is that it bypasses these mind monkeys that live in the logical part of your brain. It goes in through the side door so to speak, so that we can work on the subconscious, or emotional part of your brain. By doing this we escape the resistance that’s created by all these doubting thoughts and messages that you say to yourself over and over again.

Lots of people feel like they’ve been asleep during hypnotherapy. Now that’s a lovely feeling, but of course it isn’t true. Your brain is working very hard, and is in fact in the same state we go into when dreaming.

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First printing in the Chesterfield 1st Magazine